We can ship our product nationwide because our products contain 0.0% THC – and we have the lab tests to back it up.

Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed, and we hope to give you peace of mind with our 100% full money back guarantee.

Free Shipping

If you place an order within the continental US, we’re happy to offer you fast, free shipping through USPS Priority Mail.

No Harsh Chemicals

Every batch of our products is lab-tested to ensure they’re always free of any unwanted compounds, including harsh chemicals.

Lab Tested

As mentioned, each batch of our products are sent to third party, independent lab to test for accuracy and consistency.

No Pesticides

Our lab results also back up that our products are free of herbicides, heavy metals, and pesticides – for something clean and pure.

Made in USA

We’re able to meet such strict standards by ensuring each each ingredient used in our products is manufactured in the USA.